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Girls basketball season gets underway

Jump in Village of Luck’s taxes

Fast, skilled firefighters saved life of young woman

Union labor agreements ratified, trying new four-day workweek

County joins opioid class-action suit

Agreement reached between City and Friends

Municipal court options scrutinized

The Royal Lady of Taylors Falls 2019

Basketball Team help Lions setup for Christmas tree sales

Student Council attends leadership conference

High hopes for $9.85 million referendum

Two prominent local firefighters retire

Birthday one day – jailed for sixth OWI the next

Ice Age Trail featured at Expo


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Video scene from the Nov. 11, 2019 Veterans Day Program at Unity School
Agreement reached between City and Friends
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
Things got a little heated at the St. Croix Falls City Council meeting on Monday night as the council discussed a meeting had a meeting had by the CDA (Community Development Agency). The meeting was to serve as an education for new members regarding their rights and duties.
The CDA is the entity that oversees the distribution of TIF funds. These positions are by mayoral appointment and are for four year terms.
There was some discussion about numbers as Centennial Committee Chair/Friends of the Civic Auditorium advisor Meg Luhrs shared that they have about a $300,000 shortfall in order to get the $500,000 Economic Development Corporation grant, which was given an extension until the spring of 2021.
Alderman Kirk Anderson called out Mayor Arnie Carlson on a number of things, including stacking the CDA with people against the Civic Auditorium project.
“The end goal for the last two years was to end this project,” observed Anderson. “How you developed and seeded the CDA. It already has people on there who have major conflicts of interest and personal agendas and are openly against the project. Now another obstacle and the ordained leadership of the city hoping the project fails.”
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Jump in Village of Luck's taxes
By Lynda Berg Olds
The recent meeting of the Luck Village Board had a jovial tone throughout as Village President Dave Rasmussen presided over the meeting via telephone. Business was tended to quickly and efficiently.
Most importantly, the 2020 proposed budget was approved. Nary a soul showed up for the public hearing to question or discuss the budget tax levy in the amount of $582,483, which is only a few thousand more than the 2019 budget of $577,115.
However, there is a marked jump in the mil (tax) rate over last year's $8.69 per $1,000 in assessed property value. Although Luck Village Clerk Laurie Cook said she didn't have the “final, final” number, her best estimate, which she provided to Ledger Newspapers Tuesday morning was $9.185. That is about a $50 jump for a property with an assessed value of $100,000.
Luck Municipal Golf Course Superintendent Kevin Clunis was approved to attend the Golf Industry Show in Orlando, Fla., in January of 2020, at the recommendation of the Golf Commission; and trustees put their stamp of approval on the 2020 course budget as well.
Public Works Director Seth Petersen showed the board a video of a new “articulating snow pusher” for which he sought approval to purchase in the amount of $16,590.
“The other snow pusher I got a quote on was for $9,500. That one does not articulate and is 12-feet wide, straight the whole time, and we cannot drive down Park Avenue to go do cul de sacs and other things we like to do with this, without articulating.”
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Girls basketball season gets underway
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
There is little doubt that the St. Croix Falls Girls Basketball team will be one to watch again this year.
Most recently, the girls in blue took on St. Croix Central and earned their first victory of the season at their first game of the season last Thursday.
The Saints established their lead in the first half scoring 37 points while holding the opposition to just 12.
The Panthers rallied a little bit in the second half with 19 points, but the Saints were consistent and racked up 22 points of their own.
Final score: 59-31, St. Croix Falls.
Thursday's big scorer was Olivia Miron with 13 points. Kaylee Miron and Azalea Edwards were close on her heels with 10 points each. Lucia Neuman contributed eight more points.
On Monday, the Saints girls took on the Chetek/Weyerhaeuser Bulldogs and continued to dominate, winning that game 64-25. Olivia Miron was again the top scorer racking up 15 points for her team. Lucia Neuman, Emily McCurdy, and Brianna McCurdy each added 10 points of their own to the board.
Eagles take flight
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High hopes for $9.85 million referendum
By Lynda Berg Olds
On the heels of the Referendum Forum/Focus Group (and dinner) hosted for the Luck Community by the Luck School Board and administration on Nov. 11, the board met again directly after for a special meeting on Nov. 13. Superintendent Cory Hinkel, who had stressed to the board previously that he wanted to meet with them as soon as possible after the Forum while information and impressions were fresh on their minds, began the meeting.
“I made a guideline of questions that we need to address going forward. Do we want to go to referendum is the first question. And I have each of the three areas separated. We can start with deferred maintenance, then jump to the gym and then finally, the operational referendum – depending on what we want to do.
“There are some big things under those topics. I am assuming we are going to referendum and you all want to do something at least?”
This was met by a general chorus of agreement among the school board members.
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