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Osceola goes 17 innings against Hawks

Wisconsin Baseball Association (WBA) standings

Stower Seven Lakes Adventure Triathlon

Fast pitch tourney results from Fishermen’s Party

Fishermen's Party bass tournament coverage

Fatality blamed on speed and alcohol

Motorcyclist airlifted after car turns into his path

What comes first: Jobs or Housing?

Two new inductees for Unity’s Wall of Honor

Half-millon bid awarded

Longhenry pre-trial conference postponed

Child abuse trial postponed

Beware of the bear and the fisher

Concerned residents of St. Croix Falls to participate in Night Out

The “cat-astrophy” of trying to establish a feline ordinance

Man airlifted after fall from rocks at Interstate Park

Memory Days Grand Marshals

Off-sale license is granted to business

Luck golf season called, “incredible”

Two seek title of Royal Grand Ambassador

Tissue issue leads to felony assault charge
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Beating the Heat

All hands are on deck this Fourth-of-July weekend to stop aquatic invasive species 

Four lucky Wisconsin residents will participate in the first managed elk hunting season in state history following random drawing

Record 12,970 permits awarded for 2018 black bear hunt
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Video scene from June 29, 2018
Polk County Sheriff's Department K9 Show
Child Abuse trial postponed for 30 days
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
There is an old adage Justice delayed is justice denied. However, not everything is so clear cut given our justice system. There are delays, almost always.
These delays can be arduous for victims of these crimes as well as the affected family members and friends.
While these postponements can seem to stretch out into infinity, there is a good reason for many of them. To assure that all the i's are dotted and t's crossed. That the defendant in court has clearly gotten a fair trial.
A sentencing hearing for Travis J. Parmeter, 25, was slated for Monday morning.
However, defense attorney Daniel Chapman requested a 30 day postponement so that he may access the CHIPS (Child Health Insurance Program) files regarding the case.
Parmeter was facing three felony charges: Child Abuse-intentionally cause great bodily harm/Child Abuse-intentionally cause great harm/Physical Abuse of a child, repeated acts causing great bodily harm. Each charge had the modifier PTAC (Party to a Crime).
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Memory Days Grand Marshals
By Lynda Berg Olds
The Ledger had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeanne Alling for a nice chat on Monday. She has known for some time that she and hubby Al are this year's Memory Days Grand Marshals, having been unequivically informed that it is their turn. Jeanne is not one to toot her own horn – with her deep-seated conviction that family and community service go hand-in-hand. That is just what you do, and she does take pride that this community commitment has been passed along to her daughters.
While Jeanne is a native Centurian and lives just a mile from the home (Larsen) farm, hubby Al is from a military family and they traveled until his father retired from the Marines.. He did go to kindergarten in Frederic, but then his parents divorced and they went back to Hawaii, where his mom grew up to help take care of his grandma. So he graduated high school in Hawaii.
“When his mom retired from Dole Pineapple, she had one sister who lived in this area,” Jeanne said. “The others lived from coast to coast and they decided to settle in Centuria, where they've lived since 1984.”
Jeanne was in college when Al and his mom moved to Centuria, so she didn't know him at all. Jeanne was going to UW-River Falls for teaching classes (and she also worked here at the Ledger for a time). She was teaching up in Ashland then – and she met Al at her home farm.
“Every year, the Larsen family sponsored this big fall cook out and all these people would come. It was a big, big pot luck and we would bury the meat in the ground. We would make a pit and line it with rocks and you put the fire family had friends on the Centuria Fire Department so they would always invite the Fire Department as they were making this big fire. They wanted to make sure it was safe. Well Al came out with some of the friends and he happened to be walking by – because after it was ll dug out, then at night and it starts to cool down and you can,t see the pit. Well he came walking by and came straight over towards his friends and he slipped and was falling into the fire pit...and I pulled him out. The big joke was, they called it the love pit becasue I had jerked him out of there...and he would come up and see me up in Ashland, so yes, it was fun.”
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Osceola goes to 17 innings against the Hawks
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
Last Friday was a scorching hot and tropically humid day, but that didn’t stop the Braves from taking to the field when they hosted the Spring Valley Hawks.
No one could have guessed the game would have gone a grueling 17 innings. The local boys finally succumbed to the Hawks 4-3.
The Braves had led 2-0 in fifth inning and 3-3 in eighth. Spring Valley scored winning run in 17th. Mike Piletich pitched seven innings and Brett Carlson pitched 10 innings.
Though it was late, Friday was a promotional game. It was Youth Baseball night so all kids that wore their Osceola Youth Baseball t-shirts got in to the game free. At the end of the game, the players will be handed out free baseballs to be autographed by the players and kids were allowed to run the bases.
The Osceola Library brought the Imagination Playground for the youngest fans to play on. Royal Credit Union also had their employee night at the game.
​Fatality blamed on speed and alcohol
By Lynda Berg Olds
On July 5 at 5:28 p.m., the Polk County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a single vehicle crash on County Road A, near 95th street in the Town of Black Brook. A witness reported hearing the crash and then located the scene.
The witness discovered a deceased victim and damaged vehicle. 
The vehicle was traveling eastbound on County Road A and entered the south ditch and began to roll.
The vehicle was a GMC Envoy. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. It is believed that high speeds and alcohol were factors in this crash. 
The victim’s identity was being withheld pending notification of his family, which took some time as he was from Las Vegas. Polk County Sheriff Pete Johnson noted the deceased was apparently a “wanderer” of sorts – and not particularly good about staying in touch with his family.
The driver fatally injured in the County Road A crash was finally identified as James Joseph Fry, 46.
In addition to the Polk County's Sheriff's Department, the following agencies assisted with this crash: Clear Lake Police, Amery Police, Wisconsin State Patrol, Deer Park Fire/First Responders, and 979 Clear Lake Ambulance service.
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