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Pit Bull kills llamas, and now dog
By Lynda Berg Olds
Citizen Holly Bergstrom spoke up at last week’s meeting of the Polk County Board of Supervisors during public comments. It was her mother whose dog was attacked and killed by a Pit Bull in the Town of Laketown.
“It was my mom’s dog (little ‘Buttons’) that was killed last Thursday night,” she began. “My family has lived in fear of this dog for over three years now. I am here to ask the county to please look into maybe some greater control or quicker action on vicious dogs.
“Maybe one of the options would be owners of Pit Bulls or other known vicious dogs to be required to hold their own liability insurance on these dogs. Perhaps better fencing. I don’t know what kind of requirements could be put in place, but I have a long list I would love to be able to turn in to the board.

addressed the board, and, as promised, utilized every second of his allotted three minutes.
“Some of you may recall from a couple of years ago a dog claim in which two llamas were killed by a pair of Pit Bulls. Concerning even more than the board denying that claim is that even if it would have been accepted, there would have been no monetary damages due to the way the Arnell Humane Society is funded by the county.
See this week's Ledger Press (July 24) for the entire story.

County in "enviable" position
By Lynda Berg Olds
County Administrator Dana Frey is nothing if not thorough, and when it comes to his delivery of the Condition of the County (to the Board of Supervisors) a statutory responsibility, his attention to detail is not just comprehensive, but exhaustive.
It was last Tuesday when Frey presented his (fourth) report, where he measures the condition of the county using three dimensions: external economic and demographic conditions, internal fiscal conditions, and management conditions.
“I am pleased to report that all three are continuing in a positive direction and again show improvement over the prior year,” he began.
Frey said the economy is only now beginning to fully recover from the 2007 - 2009 recession.
“Last year’s hoped-for acceleration in employment growth appears to have occurred, and employment rates are close to their pre-recession levels, as is the overall employment rate. Loss of jobs had caused some out-migration, but current estimates are that this will reverse itself.”
Frey noted that the Wisconsin Department of Administration is estimating that over 2,000 people will move into Polk County within this decade (by 2020).
The overall picture painted by Frey was positive. He said the county’s fiscal position “remains solid” and continues to improve as past debt is repaid and fund balances increase.
In terms of management conditions, Frey was also happy to report that there have continued to be improvements over the past year. He said the effort to consolidate all the county policies into a comprehensive general code in ongoing.
See this week's Ledger Press (July 24) for the complete story.

County in "enviable" position

Pit Bull kills llamas, and now dog

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​“I would just really appreciate you guys putting some better controls on these vicious Pit Bulls and making it easier for the victims who have had to deal with them.” Dan King, the Chairman of the Town of Laketown, also