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Lost Brave makes his way home

Centuria Memory Days softball tournament coverage

Moratorium achieved on addressing changes

Flyover of vintage war planes for Lucky Days

Unity Principal's resignation accepted

Who is the fairest of them all?

Former chief gets 60 days in jail for sexual misconduct

Milltown woman gets five years for stealing from mail

Meet the Miss St. Croix Falls candidates

Oh really? An O'Reillys?

Commission gives guidance regarding grandstand

Rigel Park to see discs flying soon

Detour in Luck may last until winter

Luck Main Street Projects

Luck coach inducted in Football Hall of Fame

Luck Museum building Dairy Exhibit
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Beating the Heat

All hands are on deck this Fourth-of-July weekend to stop aquatic invasive species 

Four lucky Wisconsin residents will participate in the first managed elk hunting season in state history following random drawing

Record 12,970 permits awarded for 2018 black bear hunt
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Video scene from June 29, 2018
Polk County Sheriff's Department K9 Show
Meet the Miss St. Croix Falls candidates
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
It's that time of year again. Wannigan Days runs from July 20-22. It is again time to select St. Croix Falls royalty who will be ambassadors of the city through 2018.
The queen's pageant is a highlight of the planned festivities. It is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at the St. Croix Falls Elementary School.
What follows is a picture of the contestants followed by their biographies.
Hope Anderson
Hope is the daughter of Todd and Becky Anderson and is sponsored by Pins & Needles.
Hope is involved in football and wrestling as a manager, serves on the student council, is in SOS, participates in clowns and is involved in her church.
Hope loves being with younger kids, being outside, spending time with family, being creative, and watching movies.
After high school, she plans to go to college to become an athletic trainer, and hopes to continue managing football while in college.
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Detour may last until winter
By Lynda Berg Olds
The Big Butternut Culvert Replacement – and its requisite detour (which has rerouted traffic around the “horn,” past the cemetery for about a month now) - was discussed at length at the recent meeting of the Luck Village Board.
Citizens trying to get to the school, boat landing, golf course, beach, campsite or ball field, take this detour daily, which only takes two-minutes, according to Public Works Director Seth Petersen.
Village President Dave Rasmussen informed that before the culvert gets to the creek (at the bridge, near the school) there's a rock dam that is owned by the county that regulates the level of the lake.
“When the culvert went, we were checking with the DNR as far as what we would have to do to replace it, and that is when I found out that the county has a dam there – so we have been working with the county to replace the dam – and our street there,” stated Rasmussen.
MSA's Teresa Anderson, who is a regular presenter at Luck Village Board meetings (what with all the town's various projects with which she is involved, said there are a couple of different structures that would function as both the culvert and the dam.
“Like a box culvert with stop locks on it that most people are used to – and then another one that controls the interior, so it is like a sand pipe that the water can go into or flow over.”
Rasmussen said each of the three options cost about $250,000 to replace. Anderson explained that the first option would have been the village just replacing the culvert and trying to work around the dam – but it did not include the dam, which would still cost as much as dealing with the dam as well.
Rasmussen said he met with the county and had just spoken with Deb Peterson of the Parks, Forestry, Buildings and Solid Waste Department. He advised that Peterson was going to speak with the county administrator (Interim CA Jeff Fuge) to see if there might be any cost sharing that might be involved with this project.
“The county snowmobile trail goes across that too and we need to widen that street.”
Rasmussen thought the street was aobut 20-feet wide and Anderson interjected, “I think it is less than that.”
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Lost Brave makes his way home
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
The Braves season had gotten of to a bit of a shaky start as their manager Garth Olson had to spend time out of state. Garth has now returned and will help his team on the rest of the way and take them as far as they can go.
The Braves have been pushing it hard as they had played five games in seven days.
As of late their losses include games against Spring Valley, Menomonie, and Hager City. 
The Braves were triumphant when they went up against the New Richmond Millers, but their luck didn't hold when they hosted a game against the St. Paul Capitals.
Right now, their league record stands at 4-7, however they may still be eligible for the playoffs if they win the next five games, or even four of the next five.
There are more games that Braves fans can look forward to:
July 20 at 7:30 p.m. the Braves will be hosting the Minneapolis Angels at Oakey Park.
July 21at 5:00 p.m. will be Fan Appreciation Night & Chicken Feed at Oakey Park. They will be going up against the Plum City Blues.
July 22 at Oakey Park, the Braves will be hosting the Bay City Bombers. Both teams would have to win this match in order to move on to the playoffs.
​Moratorium achieved on addressing changes
By Lynda Berg Olds
Tuesday night's meeting of the Polk County Board of Supervisors was an ambitious one. There were over 50 items of business to deal with, which they mostly accomplished, but some of the issues required going back to committee for clarification, which likely resulted in the meeting ending before midnight.
With the Sheriff Race about to be decided at the Primary Election on Aug. 14, both (republican) candidates were present to briefly canvass the board. Brent Waak spoke first and rather passionately. Tony Grimm showed class by noting Waak's presentation was a tough act to follow. There will be a forum held at Trollhaughen on Aug. 1 that will likely help citizens to make the important decision of whom to vote for.
Public comments also came (again) from the property owners of Homes Court. They reiterated that they has received a letter saying their addresses would be changing as the 911 system has difficulty locating them.
This has been strongly called 'false' by the residents, Joel Hazzard in particular – and with this matter on the agenda, the affected residents were determined to get their point across – to the extent that Chairman Dean Johansen had to reprimand the speakers, who were each given their three minutes (and then some), on several occasions.
“We just don't align to the grid system. They need to know what the flow of the addresses are,” Hazzard said.
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"The joys of backyard birding"