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Arrival of spring allows outdoor track at Osceola

​Spring sports may actually start next week

Saints face Elite competition at Stout track and field meet

Coaches speak on delayed start to spring sports season

No more per diem for lakes meetings

New senator holds forum in St. Croix

Third Annual Suicide Awareness Walk

Unity students take pledge to keep eyes on road

“Friend of Public Health” Award

No more per diem from county for lake meetings

New senator holds local forum

Third Annual Suicide Awareness Walk 

Unity students take pledge to keep eyes on road, not phones

“Friend of Public Health” Award 

Watch out for Adopt-a-Highway crews

Virtual Dementia Tour

Luck Genealogy Research Center gets 10-year grant

Museum volunteer presents History of Duncan YoYo

“The One, The Only Kindergarten Circus”

Good behavior and grades equals students to be proud of

“Do the Math” - prevent future financial failure

School parents speak about racism

Summer work approved at schools

New library director in Dresser

School honoring special month

Couple to speak on immigrant experience

Film to show 1970s city history

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St. Croix Falls woman finishes her 4th Boston Marathon

New maple syrup season for church youth

Focus on safety for spring turkey season

Proposed removal of Kirtland’s warbler from endangered list

Hundreds of walleye waters will offer great fishing this year

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Video scene from March 12, 2018
"Cardinal camaraderie"
School parents speak about racism
By Paul Rignell
During a time of open forum for public comment at a meeting Monday, April 23, the St. Croix Falls School Board welcomed comments from three different district parents.
It is rare or uncommon for the board to hear from that many parents during one night’s open forum, and each of these parents addressed the same issue in the schools.
The guests were all women, and two out of the three mothers acknowledged that their children are of mixed-race heritage. The women said that their children are continually targeted by racial slurs from classmates at school, and often also on their buses. The mothers pleaded for more involvement and attention from the board and school administrators regarding these concerns.
The women acknowledged that the district has set a policy against bullying, but they said it would be proper to establish a separate policy for dealing with issues of racism. The mothers of the mixed-race children said they felt the issues that their children have been facing came to a boil during an incident earlier this month.
The first mother said one of her children was made out to be a perpetrator in that incident, that he had allegedly goaded another student into responding with a slur. “Under no circumstances if he to be called the ‘n-word’ at school,” she said. “I feel like the school could be stepping up (more). Right now we’re in a situation where we could potentially remove our children from the school district.”
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Virtual Dementia Tour an eye-opener
By Lynda Berg Olds
Luck School Library Media Specialist Lori Nelson hosted a “Virtual Dementia Tour” (VDT) in her library on April 18. In her invitation to the press she said, “The participants will spend 10 minutes facing many of the challenges that Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients face every day.” Most participants agreed that the time period felt like much longer. (Please see the “Loose Ends” column on page 4. Nelson’s invitation noted that participants would also have the opportunity to speak with her sister, Paula Gibson, who is a specially trained Virtual Dementia Specialist about their experiences as well as about Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.
Time and space was limited and the press leaped at the chance to a) learn from the experience; and b) share the knowledge with readership.
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Arrival of spring allows outdoor track at Osceola
By Paul Rignell
The St. Croix Falls and Frederic/Luck boys and girls track teams competed at the Osceola Invitational on April 24.
The hosts from Osceola had postponed their meet by one week due to the lingering winter weather, and then tentatively booked Tuesday’s event to move indoors at UW River Falls, but in the end Osceola officials decided conditions were fair enough to host the meet on their campus.
Jordan Braund of St. Croix Falls won the girls 100-meter dash in 13.23 seconds.
The Saints’ 4x200-relay runners including Braund, Riley Henk, Alaina Driscoll and Jenna Driscoll won that event in 1 minute, 52.48 seconds. They were followed in that event by the second-place Frederic/Luck runners of Katie Christensen, Lindsay Mattson, Katie Mattson and Elizabeth Schweitzer. That group ran the 4x200 in 1:58.28.
Frederic/Luck won the boys 4x200, followed by St. Croix Falls in second place. Tanner VanMeter, Adam Menke, Zach Hochstetler and Dennis Brule ran the course in 1:40.58 for Frederic/Luck, while Logan Ross, Isiah Hoggatt, Andrew Opel and David Tompsett finished the race in 1:40.72 for the Saints.
The same St. Croix Falls girls that won the 4x200 also won the 4x100 at Osceola, in 52.67 seconds.
Anna Klein, Addie McCurdy, Emily McCurdy and Grace Klein won the girls 4x400-meter relay for St. Croix Falls in 4:22.66.
Katie Mattson won the girls high jump for Frederic/Luck by clearing 5 feet 4 inches, and she also won the long jump by covering 14 feet 11 inches.
Ross won the boys long jump for St. Croix Falls by covering 18 feet 5.75 inches.
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No more per diem from county for lake meetings
By Lynda Berg Olds
At last week’s Organizational Meeting of the Polk County Board of Supervisors, representation on lake districts and how pay, if any, was discussed (again). This is an issue that keeps cropping up at this annual meeting.
Chairman Dean Johansen called to the floor for a motion regarding a recommendation from the Executive Committee regarding the Lake Association District appointments. The motion came (again) from Supervisor Chris Nelson, to amend the Executive Committee’s recommendation by adding “with no per-diem paid to the supervisors or their alternate designees by Polk County.
Supervisor Brad Olson seconded the motion and the amendment was open for discussion. Nelson stated, My point of making this amendment is if the Lake Association wants to pay per diem to their members – most of them are all there voluntarily – I think if the county supervisors wants to go to those, then you guys should do just like the other members do. They are all there volunteering their time and if you think it is important enough to be there, then you should be volunteering your time. If the Lake District wants to pay a per diem, then they can pay the county supervisor – or whomever they designate. I just don’t see any reason to be paying a county supervisor to be going to these meetings – when no one else is getting paid.
Johansen sought clarification.
“So you are saying just the designee…?”
“No. It doesn’t matter if it is the supervisor or his or her designee,” Nelson said.
“The supervisor and/or the designee should not collect a per diem from the county. That is your intent?” Johansen doubly clarified to make sure all the supervisors knew what they were voting on (which can often become confusing with amendments to amendments to the original resolution).
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