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Eagles conference champs for first time in 20 years

Saints take on the Cameron Comets

Cardinals tame the Panthers

Cardinals send Vikings sailing

Moratorium on swine facilities enacted

County portion of taxes decreasing

Great skill set comes to county

Auditorium agreement still getting hammered out

School board discusses referendum

Menards settles with city

Couple busted with blacked out tail lights

Small tax increase likely in Village of Milltown

Centuria freezes wages for 2020

“Field of Screams” this weekend only in Centuria

New Milltown Library nears completion, but where is it?

Snowy Gandy Dancer Marathon

Centuria Board on board for Costume and Christmas parties

Letter to the Editor:

Not a democratic process that Democrats are using

The challenges of being a dairy farmer


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Auditorium agreement still getting hammered out
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
The Civic Auditorium has proved to be a bone of contention for many of those who reside inside the City of St. Croix Falls. Some see it as a dilapidated drain on the resources of the City of St. Croix Falls while others see it as it could be, a draw for the downtown that has been caught languishing in recent years.
However, over all those years there has been a steady force of people that want to see the Civic Auditorium developed and used to its full potential.
Some of those were previous council members who decided to dedicate TIF (tax increment financing) funds from their Tax Increment District.
Plans were drawn up and the project languished. For years. As time passed, the building did what everyone does, it aged further and suffered damage to its roof, among other things.
Then with the previous council there was a great push by at least two members to end the project, and return the monies to the taxing entities. They had gotten their way voting 2 to 1 (one seat was vacant) just prior to the installation of a new council who had a very different agenda. That decision was overturned. The project whose team of dedicated volunteers, some of which had spent years with the cause, breathed new life.
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Moratorium on swine facilities enacted
By Lynda Berg Olds
Well over 100 people were in attendance at the county board meeting Tuesday night, which was held at Unity's Performing Arts Center to accommodate the crowd. Most in attendance were farmers - farmers who have been pitted against each other over the CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) controversy.
After a great deal of positioning, with amendments offered and withdrawn, the board finally voted on Resolution 33-19: “Creating a Polk County Ordinance regarding a temporary moratorium on livestock facilities.”
The vote was 11-3 and the resolution was adopted as amended. The three supervisors voting against the moratorium included Supervisors Joe Demulling, Brad Olson and Brian Masters. Supervisor Chris Nelson said after the vote that he wanted to point out that this was originally Olson's resolution. That he signed it, but it was Olson's.
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Eagles conference champs for first time in 20 years
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
On Friday night the Unity Eagles hosted the Cornell/Lake Holcombe Knights for some football action and fans on both sides were treated to cold weather and pretty decent winds that made that hot chocolate cold by the time it hit their lips.
Things weren't looking to good for the Eagles as the Knights came out swinging and were ready for action when early on in the first quarter scored a touchdown and earned a two-point conversion on top.
Neither team scored in the second quarter. It wasn't until the third quarter that the Eagles finally roused their feathers when Lucas Flaherty caught a 26 yard pass from Jake Bloom. However their attempted two-point conversion failed. However, at least they were on the board trailing by only two points.
Things started looking up in the fourth quarter when Jack Nelson caught a 13 yard pass from Bloom for a touchdown, this time the conversion was good for another two points giving the Eagles a score of 14 -8. The clock ran out before the Knights were able to counter them and so the Eagles walked away with another victory.
“Friday night's victory over Lake Holcombe/Cornell was a great program win,” observed Unity Head Coach Cory Nelson. “We got behind right away at the beginning of the game because of a mental mistake on the opening kickoff. You could tell it took our players by surprise and we were playing catch up for most of the game. We have been so close to winning a conference championship three out of the last four years and we finally put it all together to win our first one since 1998! 
“I am very proud of how our kids handled the game after the mistake on the opening kickoff. Once we adjusted our offensive line a little bit, we were able to move the ball. 
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Small tax increase likely in Milltown
By Lynda Berg Olds
Prior to the regular meeting of the Milltown Village Board on Monday night they held their budget meeting with CliftonLarsonAllen's April Anderson.
The proposed budget shows just a one percent increase and water rates are going up. Last year the increase was just under two percent and prior to that the number was historically three percent. Village President LuAnn White said in terms of the mil rate, Milltown has one of the highest. The board does an admirable job of trying to hold the line, but when all was said and done at Monday night's meeting, the projected increase to taxpayers was estimated at about $12 per $100,000 of assessed property value.
“If we do everything this tells us to do, next year we are going to have quite a time,” stated White. “That's the dilemma.”
It should be noted there was no vote on this as of yet. There is still time. It was simply information for the board to digest, but said information was based on sound principals.
Anderson said, “I think you are set well to do it this year. These expenditures are all operating ones, not necessarily capital ones. They are not one-time expenditures, so the increase in this expense would continue, if not increase more.”
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