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Cardinal heartbreak at State

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Midterm election filled with upsets and drama

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St. Croix Falls School shut down due to threat

Green Bay Packer fights bullying on the homefront

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Luck students and staff support “Hope for Jayme”

Luck Museum to hold annual meeting; Christmas fundraiser

Día de Muertos comes to life
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Butler vs. bullying at SCF Schools
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
Monday night was cold and rainy as students and their parents made their way to the St. Croix Falls High School seeking inspiration and knowledge regarding the issue of bullying.
LeRoy Butler played his entire career (1990-2001) with the Green Bay Packers as a strong safety. He was selected by the Packers in the second round 1990 draft. He played 181 regular season games, 14 post season games, earned a ring from Super Bowl XXXI, was selected all pro four times, and was selected to the Pro Bowl four times. He was named to the NFL (National Football League) 1990s All-Decade Team by the Pro Football Hall of Fame and inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame in 1990.
The question is, what was this celebrity doing in this small Midwestern town?
The answer is fighting against bullying thanks to his Butler vs. Bullying program.
Within its first year, the campaign reached more than 20 schools and over 6,000 students. In the second year, they strove to reach an additional 10,000 students.
In Butler vs. Bullying, LeRoy is taking a grassroots approach to bring professionals, teachers, and parents and families together to discuss, in an open microphone format, the social problems that derive from bullying.
Over the past year, Butler has traveled throughout Wisconsin to sit down with people who are the recipients of bullying tactics, and those who have bullied.
The format that Butler uses brings awareness to the impacts that bullying can have. It is an open forum to discuss the problems at hand.
“This approach allows the kids to be leaders and not followers,” observed Butler. “This problem cannot be ignored any longer and it is our goal to provide a place for these kids to feel free to open up about the problem and be a leader in helping us solve the issue.”
Butler can no doubt draw on his difficult childhood. Butler's problems went beyond poverty and crime. He was born so pigeon-toed that the doctors had to break bones in both his feet when he was only eight months old to correct the problem.
Walking was a major challenge for Butler, who spent much of his early youth in a wheelchair. Between the ages of six and eight, he had to wear leg braces.
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Beautiful new road adorns Luck's Main Street
By Lynda Berg Olds
Residents who were trying to tool around town on Saturday in Luck were thwarted at every turn as the paving required closure of Main Street in its entirety.
MSA Professional Services Engineer Teresa Anderson had informed all the business folks that Nov. 1 through 3 would be disruptive what with milling of the existing pavement and the subsequent re-paving.
With the project nearing completion, Anderson informed that because placing the surface course on Main Street involves the entire street surface from curb to curb, the road will be closed to traffic and parking for several hours.
She also noted that line painting, turf restoration, and other miscellaneous tasks will occur this week as weather allows.
“Street light poles have an anticipated delivery date of Dec. 14, with installation to be scheduled after delivery,” stated Anderson, who then stressed care of the brand new sidewalks.
“New concrete continues to cure over time, and is especially susceptible to salt damage during the first several months. Please plan not to use salt on sidewalks this winter. Sand can be used to provide traction if needed, and in future years (after a year of cure-time), salt use will be less likely to cause damage. Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout the course of this project.”
It sounds like Main Street will be lovely by Christmas, with the fancy new street lights and other accents, like benches and trash receptacles. 
Cardinal heartbreak at State
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
The Luck Cardinals were truly something to see this year. Just as in the past the boys put on a stellar performance that pleased their classmates, fans and coaches, just about everyone except the opponents that they faced.
The Cards marched through the season undefeated and it seemed that any team that came up against them would receive a fairly severe trouncing at the hands of the Luck team.
Any way you look at it the Luck team made victory last Saturday when they, and a caravan of dedicated fans convoyed to the first WIAA sanctioned 8-man football state championship.
Spirits of the Luck team and their die hard fans were high as they traveled to Stanley Boyd to take on the Sevastopol Pioneers, and it was their toughest competition yet.
It was an exciting game that kept things tight right up to the heartbreaking end.
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Midterm election filled with upsets and drama
By Lynda Berg Olds
It was a dramatic election night on Tuesday, with the Republican Party retaining control of the Senate - and the Democrats gaining control of the House of Representatives. Pundits predict that now it will be much harder for President Trump to push his policies forward.
Similarly, here in Wisconsin, Republican Governor Scott Walker was nudged out of office by State Superintendent Tony Evers. Evers won by such a small margin (Evers 49.6 percent; Walker 48.4 percent) that running mate Rebecca Kleefisch went on record Tuesday night saying there would surely be a recount. This is a long-awaited victory for the Democrats, who tried to unseat Walker in the recall election in 2012.
Of note, Evers running mate, former State Representative Mandela Barnes, will become the state's first African-American lieutenant governor when the two are sworn in in January.
Congressman Sean Duffy kept his Republican seat by a wide margin against challenger Margaret Engebretson, getting 60 percent of the vote to Engbretson's 38.
Likewise incumbent Tammy Baldwin kept her seat against Republican challenger Leah Vukmir. Baldwin too 55.4 percent with Vukmir at 44.6 percent.
Attorney General Brad Schimel lost his seat to Democrat Josh Kaul in a too close to call race of 50 percent over 49 percent.
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