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Saints leave Comets seeing stars
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
The St. Croix Falls Saints played host to the Cameron Comets and the boys in blue finally victorious.
The first quarter saw the Saints come on strong taking an early lead of 14-0 thanks to a 23 yard run from Calan Leahy for a touchdown and a 76 yard run by Spencer Steek for another six points and a two point conversion run by Leahy.
Things were kept interesting in the second quarter as the Comets appeared to rally adding 12 points of their own to the scoreboard.
Not to be outdone, the Saints had McKinley Erickson to thank for a 15 yard touchdown and two-point conversion made good by Steek and Leahy and Alex Mysicka for a completed touchdown pass and two-point conversion for another 16 points.
The name of the game was consistency for the Saints who matched the 14 points scored by Cameron in the third with 16 of their own. Finally in the fourth quarter the Saints again managed to keep the Cameron team scoreless as they did in the first. Final score: 62-26, SCF.
“It was nice to get back into game mode after having a bye during week four,” observed Saints Head Coach Grant Belisle. “You never know how kids will react to that situation, but I feel like we came out of it pretty well.
“I am pleased with the effort of our offensive line and the tough running by our ball carriers. Anytime you get three guys to rush over 100 yards, the team should be pretty pleased.
“We have a tough stretch of games ahead of us, so we'll need to focus on taking care of fundamentals. Things like taking care of the football and maintaining blocks will have a big impact on the outcome of our next games.
“Homecoming week is always a great time at SCF. The fan base is bigger and it adds extra excitement to the game. It may add a bit of chaos to our weekly routine, but the kids will stay on task and get our work done during practice.
“We are looking forward to a tough game against Lake Holcombe/Cornell. They sit 4-1 on the season. We will need to play very well to come out with a win,” concluded Belisle.
September 19, 2018
Eagles busy clipping wings, Dragon and Cardinal variety
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
Last Thursday evening saw a rainfall of darn near biblical proportions. That however did not stop fans of the Luck and Unity volleyball teams from turning out en mass.
Being on their own turf apparently served the Eagles very well as they won all three matches against the neighboring Cardinals, 25-21, 25-21, and 25-8.
It was a stunning defeat for the Cards who have shown a great deal of strength as the come together and learn each of their places on the team.
“We were not as our best against Unity on Thursday,” noted Luck Head Coach Sonja Jensen. “Volleyball can be a game of who shows up, and our girls did not show up on Wednesday. We tend to be a lot more competitive than we were and we did not come out on the winning sign of the game.”
Katie Mattson led the Cards with 9 kills followed by Grace Thoreson with four and Coral Melin with two. Thoreson and Emily Chivers each had two serving aces and Katie Christensen and Katie Mattson each had 13 and Britta Hibbs had 10.
The Unity girls came on strong with plenty of support from the crowd. Raegan Sorenson led the Eagles with eight kills, followed by Breanna Olson with five. Among the team they garnered 11 serving aces.
“We served tough, passed extremely well, and then were huge on the block,” observed Unity Head Coach Louis Colletti. “Coming back from an eight-point deficit in the first set really helped the girls gain confidence and come together as a team. 
We had some big blocks and digs to keep plays alive and our hitters really stepped up. Our serve/receive had 76 percent good or perfect passes. So that helped us get side outs. It was a true team effort with everyone on the court and bench supporting each other.”
The Eagles then went up against the Siren Dragons on Tuesday and again proved victorious in all three matches.
Breanna Olson led the way with 11 kills followed closely by Myah Nelson with 10 and Sophie Reed with nine and Sierra Swanson with eight. The team again mustered up nine serving aces.
“Our passing was so key,” noted Colletti. “Serve/receive had 86 percent good or perfect passes, and that made the job of each of our setters to put up a hittable ball much easier. Setters were making great decisions and spreading the ball around. Our hitters were putting the ball away and we had 51 kills as a team. 
“I love how much the girls are supporting each other and coming together as a team out there,” concluded Colletti. “We have a huge match on Thursday at St. Croix Falls and I am looking forward to seeing how we play on the road against a very solid team.
September 27, 2018
Luck 8-man football heads to state
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
Last Friday, the Luck Cardinal Football team cemented its position as one of the top teams in 8-man football when they hosted the Northwood/Solon Springs Evergreens.
The Cards were 10-0 going into Friday night, their record now stands at 11-0.
The Evergreens weren't going down without a fight and managed to keep things tight in the first part of the game, but as time lagged on the Cardinals dealt out more and more punishment to their guests.
The first quarter things were even with the Cardinals and the Evergreens each taking in 14 points, it appeared as if perhaps the Cardinals had met their match. That feeling, however, did not last long as the Cardinals strutted their stuff in the second quarter when they put an additional 30 points on the board thanks to Bennett Jensen, Andrew Moos and Dennis Brule.
Thanks to good offensive play the Cardinals kept the Evergreens down to a single touchdown for six points making the score at the half 34-20, Luck.
Things slowed down in the third quarter as each team scored a single touch down. It looked likely that the Cardinals would win, but the Evergreens were still fighting.
Then in the fourth quarter, it was great play after great play on the part of the Luck team. Brule got another touchdown. Then Moos made a 45 yard run for another touchdown.
Northwoods countered with a completed pass for a touchdown with a failed two-point conversion. The score stood at 38 to 64, Luck.
However, that still wasn't good enough for the local boys and Moos made another run for 50 yards and a touch down and a good two-point conversion. In the end, like most of the games they played this season, the Luck Cardinals totally dominated their opponents with a final score of 78-38.
Now Luck will head to Stanley Boyd where they will take on the Sevastopol Pioneers who have a record of 11-1.
This is the first Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association sanctioned state tournament for 8-man football. It looks as though the Cards may end up in the history books.
For those interesting in attending the game tickets are available for $8 at the Luck High School office. They can also pay to ride the bus going down for an additional $5. Tickets are available until Friday at 10 a.m. The bus is leaving on Saturday at 9:45 a.m. for the 1 p.m. game.  
November 1, 2018
Meeting challenges on the slopes
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
Winter season is upon the County. It has descended upon the countryside as a quick hovering icy blanket that slaps a person's face awake as soon as they walk out their own front door.
There are, however, some people that thrive in this wintry landscape. There are even those who pray for snow so that they can participate in whatever their winter sport related passion is.
You have snowmobilers that watch the the snow coverage on the trails more closely the brokers watch the stock market. This hardy lot would desire snow by the foot to assure they will be able to ride their machines all winter long.
Then there are those hearty souls that like their cross country skiing. Filling their lungs with the fresh cold air as they take in the beauty of the countryside around them. Cross country skiing can be a great way to get some exercise and avoid cabin fever this winter.
This is an especially exciting time of year for downhill skiers. The slopes are going to be opening up and snow will be made by both nature and machine.
Then there are truly excitement seeking snowboarders.
Modern snowboarding began in 1965, and professional boards were made available in the 1970s.
Not a lot of snowboards were seen around these parts until probably the 90s. It did not become an Olympic Sport until 1998.
Initially, ski areas adopted the sport at a much slower pace than the winter sports public, indeed for many years there was a rivalry that existed between traditional downhill skiers and snowboarders. In the early years some parks banned snowboards from the slope.
By 1985, only seven percent of ski areas allowed for snowboarders.
By the time the 1990s rolled around, snowboarding was more accepted and most ski areas had slopes that were designated for snowboarders.
Just about anything can be done on a pair of downhill skis can also be accomplished on a snowboard.
Local schools are getting bust as lift ticket season is here. Some schools in the area at least use to provide transportation to local ski areas like Wild Mountain or Trollhaugen.
Back in the day there was much socializing to be done on the slopes.
Some of those kids out on the slopes seem like they have been skiing and snowboarding since they left the cradle. In some cases, that's not too far off.
Case-in-point, Bennett Schneider, a 10-year-old competitive snowboarder that rides with Trollhaugen's D Team.
This little stick of dynamite has competed with the team when he was six years old. Last year he took first place in the 12 year old age group while competing as a nine-year-old.
Schneider also competes with USASA (United States of America Snowboard and Free Ski Association. He took second and third place in two of his disciplines at Nationals which were held in Copper Mountain, Colo.
This year is special in that it will be the first year he has competed as a sponsored rider, riding with Donek Snowboards.
Sometimes it is hard, even as adults, to find something that a person is good at. A niche, something that they are good at and enjoy doing.
This winter is the perfect opportunity to get out and get some fresh air and exercise. Whether it be snowshoeing, skiing or even snowboarding. 
November 15, 2018
A rocky start to girls basketball
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
The Unity Eagles, the St. Croix Falls Saints all had games last week as an initial kickoff to the fall sports season.
The Unity Eagle girls made the best show of things as they kept their score tight. While they were defeated by the hosting Somerset Spartans by a score of: 52-57.
The Luck Cardinal girls also had a game to play as they hosted the Northwood Evergreens on Thursday.
The competition was fierce as the Cards struggled to find their footing. There were a lot of mistakes made that they can brush up on as the season progresses. There were a lot of passes that were made that the Evergreens took advantage of. And once the neighbors to the north had the ball, they made good use of it.
The first half of the game saw Northwood put up some 30 points while holding Luck to just 12.
The Luck girls had to deal with a difficult offense and even tougher defense. The Cards mustered another 14 points in the second half, but Northwood was on fire and contributed another 27. Final score: 57-26, Northwood.
The Saints also had a heck of a fight on their hands when they hosted the Prescott Cardinals.
It made for some exciting basketball as both teams were aggressive with the ball and weren't afraid of tearing up the court.
The first half of the game saw Prescott come on strong with 20 points, but the Saints weren't taking things lying down as they put up a comparable 17 points on the board.
However, the Saints' play started faltering in the second half. While the Prescott girls managed to rack up another 41 points while the Saints got another 27.
Final score: 44-61, Prescott.
Top scorer for the Saints that night was Emily McCurdy with 11 points. Following her was Azalea Edwards with eight points and Kaylee Miron with seven.
The Unity and Saints girls will have a chance to redeem themselves next Tuesday. The Eagles will have a doubleheader at Clear Lake. The Saints will travel to Ellsworth to take on the Panthers.
The Luck girl Cardinals will next host Birchwood at 7:15 p.m. Nov. 29.
November 21, 2018
Cardinals fly south for Eagle doubleheader
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
Friday night saw a full house at Unity as fans packed the place for some well earned tailgating and some doubleheader action with their neighbors to the north, the Luck Cardinals.
The first to take the court was the girls. The Luck Cardinals have been having a challenging year with an overall record of 5-9. They were going to have their work cut out for them as they took on the Eagles with their 10-3 record.
During the initial stages of the game the Cardinal ladies were able to keep time with their bird of prey counterparts, but it simply was not meant to be.
Within the first half of the Eagles' consistent scoring the hosts managed to rack up 34 points, while Luck was held to 14.
The Eagles maintained their consistency, letting up just slightly on their scoring adding another 26 points to their score with the Cards adding another 14. Final score: 60-28, Unity.
Raegen Sorenson, Sierra Swanson and Myah Nelson were the top scorers for the Eagles with 14, 18, and 12 points respectively.
Grace Thoreson led the Cards in scoring with 11 points.
The boys were second to take the court and the Eagle fans went wild. Whether or not it was the kindergarteners singing the national anthem or all of the good food that fueled people who stopped to enjoy the tailgating feast.
The Luck Cardinal boys have been making a fair showing this season with an overall record of 8-6. Some of their play has been exceptional, however some has fallen short.
Unity's overall record stood at 10-4, and they were proving to have a somewhat better season than the Cardinals.
All in all, everyone knew that it was going to be an exciting game for everyone there.
The first half saw the Eagles really get the jump on the Cards as they racked up 32 points while keeping their guests to just 13. It was going to prove to be a gap to wide to narrow in the end.
The Cardinals came back stronger in the second half and racked up 25 points. Unity added another 27 of their own.
Final score: 59-38, Unity.
One of the things that the Eagles really had going for them was their shooting accuracy. Unity made 23 of the 48 shots taken for 47 percent. The Cardinals made 13 of the 57 shots they took for 22 percent.
The Eagle boys were much more aggressive when it came to rebounds taking possession 43 times while Luck took 28 rebounds.
One thing the Cardinals did better was steals. They managed 14 steals while keeping the Eagles to just nine.
Standout scorers for the Cardinals was Carson Bey with 11 points and Levi Jensen with 10 points.
Jaxon Flaherty dominated scoring for the game with an impressive 25 points. The next top scorer was Daniel Sorenson with 10 points.
January 24, 2019
Saints wrestlers take Lakeland Conference 
T.A. Doughty-St. Hilaire
The St. Croix Falls Wrestling Team has been having another stellar year, and now they have taken the Lakeland Conference title last weekend.
“We were able to send 10 wrestlers to the championship with four of them winning,” observed Head Coach Dan Clark. “I thought McKinley Erickson at #182 had a really good day. Also Kyle Zehm at #220 winning the tournament was big.”
106 – Luke Theamert, 2nd, went 3-1.
113 – Mason Will, 2nd, went 3-1.
120 – Grady Guggisberg, 2nd, went 3-1.
126 – Sam Glenna, 4th, went 2-2.
132 – Zach Clark, 3rd, went 4-1.
138 – Kole Marko, 1st, went 4-0.
145 – Bennett Bergmann, 2nd, went 3-1.
153 – Josey Wilson, 2nd, went 3-1.
160 – James Kemp, 4th, went 2-2.
170 – Austin McCurdy, 1st, went 4-0.
182 – McKinley Erickson, 2nd, went 3-1.
195 – Cal Leahy, 4th, went 2-2.
220 – Kyle Zehm, 1st, went 4-0.
285 – Tanner Gaffey, 1st, 4-0.
“We now look ahead to regionals where the results matter,” observed Clark. “We go to Cumberland on Saturday and hopefully we'll be at our best. Regionals, sectionals and state are the part of the season that really matter in this sport.”
LFGS competes
The Luck/Frederic/
Grantsburg/Siren Wrestling Team also competed last weekend and had some great matches. Any of the observations that follow are made by that of LFGS Head Coach Chris Bartlett. 
106 – Nolan Johnson, 3rd, went 2-1. The top two wrestlers are highly ranked and are tough kids. He took third easily.
113 – Taedon Nichols, 1st, went 4-0. Wrestled very well. There were five kids ranked in his weight class.
120 – Logan Czech, 4th, went 2-2. Had a rematch with the Unity wrestler again. Another exciting match. He's gotten better since the beginning of the season.
132 – Landyn Johnson, 2nd, went 3-1. He is wrestling very well tied in third with the fifth ranked wrestler.
138 – Hunter Sellent, 5th, went 1-1. Was dinged up in first match. For precautionary reasons pulled out for the rest of the day.
160 – Brad Lucas, 4th, went 0-2. Had a disappointing day. Knows he could have done better.
195 – Dominic Caroon, 3rd, went 9-5. Ran into a wrestler from Bruce for the third time. Had him on his back, but couldn't get the pin. He wrestled a lot better this time.
285 – Ben Berglund, 4th, went 0-2. Decided to try wrestling at 285.
“Everyone looked good,” concluded Bartlett. “One was dinged up, but looks like he will be alright. I can see quite a few making it to sectionals if they wrestle to their potential.”
Up next for local wrestlers will be Regionals on Saturday in Amery.
February 7, 2019