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Polk County News 
County levy stays level
By Reid A Gacke
The Polk County Board of Supervisors met on Wednesday last week to discuss and approve the 2015 operating budget. This year’s budget had a few surprises built in, including an aggressive bond repayment schedule that could see the county debt-free in as little as eight years.
The bottom line is that the county’s levy will remain level for the fourth year in a row with less than a percent of change from last year’s levy. The 2015 tax levy was set at $21.2 million, about $182,000 higher than last year. 
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Big time meth bust in Clear Lake
At least two people were arrested and one more is being sought by police connected to the discovery of a drug house in Clear Lake last week. On Wednesday, Nov. 12, the Polk County Sheriff’s Department executed a search warrant on a residence in Clear Lake. During the subsequent search of the residence, they found over 300 grams (almost three quarters of a pound) of methamphetamine and about 50 grams of marijuana. The amount of methamphetamine found was estimated to be worth between $20,000 and $30,000 (using a street value of $20 per quarter gram).
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“We have two new-named lakes in Polk County”
By Reid A Gacke
While the budget was the centerpiece of last Wednesday’s meeting of the Polk County Board of Supervisors, the board did unanimously approve two rather unusual resolutions: the renaming of two lakes in the county. 
The two affected lakes are Baker Lake in the Town of Clam Falls and Mud Lake in the Town of McKinley. After Wednesday’s County Board meeting, Baker Lake will officially be known as Bosak Lake and Mud Lake will officially be known as Black Bear Lake.
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