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Polk County News 
Police officer dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound
By Lynda Berg Olds
Brent Johnson, 30, of the Town of Laketown, took his life on Sunday, Jan. 25, in the parking lot of the Cushing First Lutheran Church. Johnson was a part time police officer whose primary employment was with Frederic Police Department, but he also worked part time with the Balsam Lake Police Department, and, to a lesser degree, the departments of Amery, Centuria, Milltown and Luck.
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Unity going to referendum for $18 million
By Lynda berg Olds
The Unity School District Board of Education held a special meeting on Monday at 4:00 p.m. to consider resolutions for facilities improvements in two different amounts: $18,035,000 or $31,965,000. The $31 million amount would have provided for basically building a whole new high school.
The board opted for the lesser of the two resolutions, which calls for authorizing borrowing in an amount not to exceed $18,035,000 through the issuance of general obligation bonds.
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No snow? Highway crew remains industrious
By Lynda Berg Olds
Fifty-eight feet long and seven and a half feet wide, a culvert that the crew of the Polk County Highway Department recently assembled looked really huge when it was inside.
“This was cold weather fill-in work,” explained Highway Commissioner Steve Warndahl, who indicated his crew remains busy whether a lot of plowing is required or not during the winter. “Outside it doesn’t look so big, but when it was inside with guys crawling around working on it, it was a sight to see,” he said.
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