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Polk County News 
Motorized Gandy events allowed…for now
By Reid A Gacke
At Tuesday’s meeting of the Polk County Board of Supervisors, the board agreed by consensus to allow two motorized events, the Model T Tour and the Veteran’s ATV Ride celebrating the International Day of Peace, to take place in 2015 utilizing the Gandy Dancer Trail. This doesn’t mean that the new rework of the Gandy Dancer master plan, which is currently in the hands of the Conservation, Development, Recreation and Education (CDRE) Committee, will necessarily allow these events to be held in 2016 and beyond, but it simply affords a measure of certainty for the planners of the events in 2015 rather than leaving them in the dark while the Polk County Board finishes the master plan.
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County Board votes to control wolf population
By Reid A Gacke
The Polk County Board saw a resolution come before it at their regular meeting on Tuesday this week seeking to control the wolf population in the county. 
According to the resolution, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources set a population goal of around 350 animals in 1999 and aimed for the same population in 2007. The resolution states that this decision was made “based on prey availability and human population density” and claims that “nothing has happened to 
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Time for schools to get out of bus business
By Lynda Berg Olds
At last week’s meeting of the Unity Board of Education, hiring of two softball coaches were approved for middle school: Madeline Ramich and Carly Ince. In addition the hiring of special education educator Michael Schmitz was also approved. On a different note, an extended leave of absence was approved for Yvonne Sorenson, but the retirement/resignation of Janet Mackinnon was tabled.
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